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I love the rocks with our sins on it! I didn't get many pictures in my post, but we LOVED the activity, none the less. :)

Heather @ Cultivated Lives

We did the Hill this year too, but the grass is a little sparse because my three year old decided to try and 'replant the dirt/seeds in his sandbox while daddy wasn't watching and I was out running errands... :\ Thankfully, it still pulled through. We just talked a lot about why Jesus had to die too... I love the idea of burying our sins in the tomb. We might give that a try to reinforce what we've been talking a lot about this year.

Krista Kincaid

I love how you are teaching your children about Christ. My little one is only 20 months, so I will be referring to your page for years to come. There are so many cute craft pages out there, but this is the best of everything. It is super cute, plus it holds actual meaning behind the adorableness... guiding our children toward THE ONE we love the most. Thank you!

yanna westmoreland

This was beautiful and I sent your blog link to everyone I knew who either have children, grandchildren, teach or just to give them a blessing. I cried buckets as I looked at each of the photos. I have a 20yr old daughter and an 18yr old son and I am heartbroken over regrets of what I did not do. Yet, your post also brought joy that God is teaching me how to teach and giving me a way to share with future generations.


Janna, so many of my friends did this hill this year! I loved it. It's the start of our new family tradition. We didn't do the rocks this year, but we will next year. I goofed (confused two projects I was doing) and planted mine with grass seed. It really didn't make a difference. I just loved the anticipation each morning to see how much it had grown, which served as a wonderful build-up to Easter. I've said it a million times, but you are such an inspiration!

P.S. I hate to just... do away with it now! But I suppose I should scrape it and pack the pots away for next year in my Easter bin so we can do it right away. Boo hoo.

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