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You go girl!! Man, I wish I was there to join in the festivities. You are so creative with your kids. I wish I had an ounce of that with mine. I need to get them more involved with what I do daily!! I LOVE the rainbow and pot of gold.

Julie Durham

Wow! You are awesome at teaching your children God's truths with such fun and simple ideas! How clever and such fun ideas! Thank you too for explaining a little bit of history behind the day. My almost 4 year old asked me why we celebrate St. Patty's Day and I couldn't really give her a good enough answer! Thanks!


When you posted yesterday about making the Irish Bread on FB I wondered...I even checked my calendar! I thought is was weird bc my bday was Sunday the 15th and I knew it was only Monday...My soda bread, technically brown bread, is in the oven as I type.


Janna...I think you are AWESOME! Love your pics and your ideas.


Sounds like a fun-filled day. I bet the girls had a wonderful time. Everything looked so festive. Wish I was there to join in the fun.


So creative! :)


I'm trying a second loaf of Irish Soda Bread now. I noticed yours looks like it has raisins in it. Is it a sweet bread?


You exhaust me! It is all fabulous:)


I love that printable little Lucky from cereal! Where did you find that?? I searched, but couldn't find him.

Kelvin Perrien

I love the cards you made!! You are a printers daughter. Did the lerechauns visit the kids rooms during the night? The bread looks very good. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Love, Dad


I love the arts and crafts decorations you did with your kiddos. What a good way to share time with them about the Lord as well. I loved the NY pictures. It made me seriously covet your trip. hee-hee. No really, what a wonderful birthday trip. ~Blessings!


Dang, girl! How do you do it? I'm going to have to remember this for next year. Maybe you could start celebrating all of your holidays a week early in order to give the rest of us a chance. Whaddya think? All day long Emma kept saying, "We have to find the leprechaun!" I was clueless. At the last minute, I whipped out the green food coloring and made our potatoes green. Weak.

You are AWESOME!!!!!!!

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