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That's a great idea to set aside some toys for spring/Easter. I do that with our Christmas books, but hadn't thought about the Easter one. We have lots of little lambs and rabbits and I'm going to go around today and tuck them in a basket with some spring books and see what happens.

Thanks again for giving my creativity a little boost. :)


I have a basket for seasonal books too! One that my kids love is Benjamin's Box. Someone gave it to us a long time ago (probably 10) and it goes with the resurrection eggs that we have.

I love your tomb...never seen that before!

Bracing yourself for the snow???

Julie Durham

Hi Janna-
Great post today. I actually have that same Richard Scarry's The Bunny Book that was given to me as a child from the easter bunny. Ha! I love the Richard Scarry books so much. I took my girls to the library to find some easter books. They had so many to choose from but can you believe their was not even 1 on the TRUE meaning of easter. I couldn't believe it. I have one board book right now, but plan on going soon to the Bible bookstore to find more Christian easter books. I'm looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow. I have an awesome idea I need to share with you on how to make a little grassy (the hill of golgotha) using rye grass, sticks to make the crosses and a terra cotta pot to use as the tomb. It all goes into a terra cotta pot liner. I'm making mine tonight and will try to post some pics.


I like to do baskets for seasonal books. I hadn't thought about putting seasonal toys in it. Good idea. I always let the kids play with different sized baskets and plastic eggs this time of year. They love to arrange them and hide them.

Amy McLean

Dear Miss Janna,
Thanks for my Annie dress. I love looking at all the pictures on your blog. I like the one with you and your green purse, in the store window in NYC, and the cupcakes. I like to see myself and my friends too. My mom always lets me sit on her lap when I look at your blog.

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