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My husband has done this at churches he's pastored over the years, but I've never done it with him (young babies at home). This year, I'm thinking (still just in the thinking stages) of doing it at home with my family since we can't join our friends for theirs.

I think my kids are the perfect age for it...

Thank you for the resources!


Hi...I came over from Mer's blog...we do a family seder almost every year, and just love it. I have a question for you--do you use a shank bone of a lamb? For some reason that's the hardest part for me...finding a bone! :) Most of the meat we eat is boneless. By the time we get it, I mean. Usually I buy drumsticks the week before and use one of those. And do you try to cook kosher or semi-kosher that night? Any recipe ideas? Thanks!

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