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DARLING! Janna, seriously, you amaze me. Anne is the cutest little thing and YOU are too! So was it good? Is it still going on tonight? I wonder if my girls would sit through it...


I commented a minute ago, but now it looks like it's not showing up. I was "thinking out loud" in my comment wondering if I should bring my girls tonight, but I just went to the website and saw that it started 4 minutes ago. :) Oops!

Anyway, if the other comment really didn't go through, I think you're amazing and Anne looks SO CUTE!!! You're so creative, Janna. Anne sure is lucky to have a mom like you!


I'm amazed! That is so cute! You are such an awesome and creative mom!

(Lot's of exclamation points!!!)


I love it all. The girls are the cutest and most darling Annie's. Love Grandma Pat


What darling little Annies. Anne looks like she is ready to step on stage and do the starring part. What FUN!!!


NICE SHOES!!!!! This looked like such a great time. I wish we were there and I could dress up Ava with you guys. Love you!

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Too, too cute!

Rag roller tutorial, please!



The girls are so adorable!! I just want to hug them all!!

Laundry Lady

Ditto Joanne! That tutorial will be a hit.

Love the outfits - beautiful girls - ALL of them. :)

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