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Janna, that is SO cool! I can only imagine how honored I would feel to have a dedication in the front of a book to me!! Sounds like a GREAT book, so I'll have to add it to my growing list of books I've love to read! :)


HOOOOORAY for Joanne!!!! It is GREAT!


That's awesome! Joanne's a very sweet person (: And so are you, Janna!


I wondered if you weren't the same Janna in the front...since I found your blog connected to hers...that's so neat!


It is wonderful. I agree, everyone should go buy it!


I just finished the book as well... and seeing that I follow both of your blogs it was so much fun to read about the conversations the two of you have had. I'm off to read it again...

Lori Anne

I bought this book as soon as Joanne posted it was out. I'm in the midst of another so I haven't read it yet, but can't wait to do so. Especially after your post.

What a sweet, blessed friendship. ;)


What a sweet friend! That's is very touching, to dedicate her work to you. WOW! I will have to look ofr this. ~Early Easter Blessings!

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