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What a fun idea. Wish I were there to join in the fun and the eating of the nest.


My 5 year old just walked in the room and said... what's that a picture of (very excitedly)... I guess we'll be giving these a try!

Sharon A. Kyser

What a sweet treat! I love your idea and will try it soon.
Thank you!

Kain Cathey

Janna! So CUTE! I have so many idea's floating around in my head for this Easter time...but these I got to try:) LOVE THEM!

natalie viezbicke

Awww these look like so much fun. I will have to do this with my nieces and nephew. I might have to incorporate Peep's in there somehow though. Thanks a bunch! Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!


Great idea! Love how you built the project around the scripture. I love those verses.


These are so adorable and easy.

Fabiola Miranda

what a fantastic idea! thanks so much for sharing :)


What a great idea! I love the idea of using the shredded wheat for the nest materials! Extra fiber with the chocolate! Woohoo!

I'll be doing this with my children this week for sure! Thanks for sharing!


Janna, you have given our Easter celebration so many special extras that bring us back to the word with each project. I am so thankful for your inspiration and creativity. Many blessings on your time with the Lord and family, Lisa


HAHAHA, I LOVE these.. we are TOTALLY doing these this week!!! All soo healthy ;) they don't need to know that. Thanks for posting this


yanna westmoreland

I made these! My 18yr old and 20 year old enjoyed them, my husband said they would be good with milk poured on them. :) They were fun to make and we actually felt like we were eating bird's nests. We loved how pretty they looked on the table.


I think it's cute that it actually looks like a birds nest yet your still able to eat it. Wish It was a little healthier but a treat once in a while won't harm you.

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