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Ok...these are AWESOME! I would make them right now if I had some GRANDS in the fridge! Perfect!


I have seen a cookie recipe, but I like this one better. I love your blog! I see a kindred spirit in you. :) So glad I came, I will come visit again.


i think this was an awsome demistration 4 the children as (as how)jesus was buried & rose on the 3rd day i use this for the children in church as a craft & snack.i just loved it d children enjoyed it.oh & they tasted good 2.thanks for your sharing.GOD BLESS:-)

Meghan Kuyper

Thanks, Janna! Making these for my kids' kindergarten class as their snack tomorrow. This will make a great teaching opportunity while they're eating!


Sandi in MN

I intentionally stopped at the store after church tonight so I had all the ingredients on hand to do them on Easter morning with my kids! What a great idea, I think they'll love them!
Thanks for sharing your creativity with us all!
PS I've heard about you on the praying for Joanne nights and in Kristen's blog.


Thanks for the great idea! My sister-in-law sent me this link. We're going to do this tomorrow evening because that's when we get to celebrate Easter with my step-son. Sometimes it's so hard to keep Christ in Easter and not focus on the Easter Bunny. This is such a great idea to keep it fun for the kids but to keep it Christ centered.


Hi there! I just found your blog through Pinterest and love it! Question - I'm having trouble getting one of your posts to open - could you help me? It's the one about the Hill of Calvary. I would love to make it with my children during Passion Week. Thank you!

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