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These would be very good for lunch, when we go camping this summer with you guys. Do you like how I'm planning the menu for you?

RV Dreamer

Okay that looks like a really great idea! Think I might post to facebook. :)


We have been doing this for years but we use biscuits instead of the pizza crust.


Works great with plain old bread for the crust too. Just butter one side and place it on the iron side.

Morrica Kuhn

We call these mountain pies in Pennsylvania. Also really good with pie filling.


This is a great idea. We love our pie iron and are always looking for good things to cook over the fire.


Brilliant!!! Thanks for the great idea and all the photos! This is now on the menu for our camping trip this weekend.

I'll let you know they turn out on our blog.


Angela K. Weems


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