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Those are great finds, Janna! Those fabrics would make great zippy purses and coffee cup cozies. Do post up pictures of those if you make them. And maybe a tutorial on how to make those cozies? ;) I've been wanting to make one but never got down to it because I wasn't sure how to start.


I think you are right about Grandpa's wallpaper. His colors are green and turquoise. Real authentic 60's decro.


Hooray for dumpster diving! I found a bookshelf that I had been hoping to buy but it wouldn't fit in my car, so I kept waiting for a friend to go and get it.
One day, I stepped outside my apartment, and there, next to my apartment's dumpster, was "my" bookshelf. All I needed was a friend to help lift it in, which came easy enough. :)


GO GIRL! I love the HighLights!


I would not be one bit surprised if my mom has a stack of my old Highlights in her attic. She saves EVERYTHING. Thanks for giving me the idea to ask her! ;)

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