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Shondra Smoak

I personally really love the green pillowcase dress! Very cute, Janna...good luck!


I like the Pink & Tan Floral Oilcloth Tote. Good Luck on your new venture.

Kim Davis

I LOVE the pillowcase dresses - I was wondering if you do them any bigger? Also, really like the totes.....

Kim Davis


OOH, congratulations! I will be ordering some nature bags very soon! :) I also love the oil cloth totes. :)




There is no DOUBT my favorite is the Berry Fine Oilcloth tote! I love that fabric! And I love the photo of the inside with the little pocket. Everything looks great, Janna, and I really appreciate that your photos are SO professional. I also like the Beth Moore plug and how you have a link to how you guys use the nature bags in your family, stuff like that. I'm so proud of you for getting this going! Great job!


congrats on opening shop - I'm sure you'll do a great job!

I like the contrast of colors in the Berry Fine Oilcloth Tote. :)


Hi Janna-
So glad to have found your shop and your blog! I think my favorite is the yellow pillowcase dress. So sweet! (I love the embroidered butterfly).
Thanks for including me in the giveaway!
God bless you in your new shop!

Erin W

Love the pillowcase dress and the oil cloth zippies. So glad you are selling your wares. I look forward to purchasing them! Congrats on this new venture!


Congratulations to you! What a cute shop!

I LOVE this little bag:


The fabric is perfect!

shar files

The nature bags are too cute!


Congratulations, Janna! All the best with the shop (:

PS: I want to take part in the giveaway! (:


I love it all, but love the Feeling Vine oilcloth bag!



The oilcloth zippy's are definitely my favorite. I love cute little zipped pouches! Of all of them, I think this one (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27689634) is my favorite.

Congratulations, and good luck with the shop!! :-)


All of you items are super cute. I especially like the safari oil cloth tote. Such cute fabric.....although I am partial to anything with animal prints. :) Good luck to you with your new shop. I am sure it will be very successful


I really like the nursing curtains! I wish I'd had one for my kiddos. Congrats on opening your shop!


Hello.. I love the orange nature bag...very cute! Good luck with your new venture!

Randi Esau

I ordered the nursing curtain for Becki. All of your items are so you, Janna. I'm so proud of everything you do! I wish you huge success!!

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