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Janna, I'm so convicted. Not to say that you are making me feel guilty, but I'm convicted in a good way and praising God for using you in my life and the life of your blog readers. I love this idea of yours and thank you for sharing it. I will be going to your Amazon shop and doing a little shopping. I love you my friend.

Erin W

Haven't stopped by in a while but I am so glad I did today! Thanks for the great ideas! You are such a blessing!


Thank you for the ideas. I've been buying little journals at the dollar store...so she can write in her "prayer journal" too. I like the idea of a devotional box in the mornings. Several people have recommended the Big Truths book...Is it simply a catechism or does it hold more activities? Again, thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to plant the seed.


These are great suggestions (let me just mention here that I am so glad you post different children"s books that you like. It makes library trips so much easier, knowing I'll come home with some good ones, instead of a bagful of "duds".)
In the morning at breakfast, I read from Little Visits with God. My mom had hers from when she was young, and used them with us when we were small. I found my copy second hand. After dinner, my husband does The Jesus Storybook Bible. I cannot say enough good things about this book. It holds even my active 2 year olds attention.
I LOVE the fact that it points out in every story, how everything in the Bible in some way, points to Jesus and His coming. I am so glad my husband reads it, because I would probably end up crying, as new realizations hit me!
I'm looking forward to hunting for some of these books you've listed- thanks!


My girls (5 & 3) love both the Beginner's Bible (by Karyn Henley) and the Jesus Story Book Bible. It is not uncommon for those two books to be taken back to their rooms for rest time and read over and over again. I do like the idea of a morning quiet time box - I may have to work on pulling together a basket of things for them. :)


Bobbi asked about the Big Truth and I thought I share my answer in case others are wondering... The Big Truth Book is set up in mini chapters. For example, in the first chapter there are 5 questions and then short story about Cassie and Caleb. There is a continuing story about this brother/sister pair throughout the book. At the end of the chapter there is a section called "Let's Talk" and this has 2-3 questions about the story (kind of reading comprehension). Then, there is a section called "Let's Pray" that has a verse and a note asking you to pray about the verse. The story, the questions and the verse all support the question section. Again, everything is pretty concise. Chapter 1 goes from page 8-11.


I love this idea-I really do!
And those books (the pastel colored ones) with the "story of Jonah" etc....I had those when I was a little girl! Precious!


This is a wonderful idea of giving the little ones a time to study the Bible while I do mine. We have several books from the church rummage sale that are "copy ready." These would probably work okay in a binder or folder for their Bible Studay workbook. We also have several of the Golden Books by Eloise Wilkin. I didn't realize she was so sought after. Thanks for the inspiration!


Loved this post! Just happened upon it. :) My mom gave my daughter a book compilation of all of the Eloise Wilkins books! I was thrilled to see there is a coloring book too, that is wonderful!
I have a question about Beth Moore. What studies do you use by her? are they in devotional book format? or something else? I went to her website, but was confused about where to go from there! thanks!


What a great idea! I love this so much that I will think how we can fit it in our own family!
God bless you with all these awesome idea's!

Love in Christ



We just finished putting together our "time with Jesus" basket. A friend saw your post a while ago and mentioned it to me. I was inspired. I helped my kids (6 and 4) decoupage a hardcover notebook for their journals. We added a childrens Bible, Bible coloring books, other books we had on hand, and some new colored pencils. Can't wait to see them enjoy it and develop a love for their own quiet time with Jesus! Thanks for the idea!

Tasha Fontenot

What a GREAT idea about the box, basket, etc. fot the Bible books. I am going to look today.
We use Big Truths for Little Kids too. My boys love it! Another I highly recommend is Jesus Storybook Bible. We so enjoy it!
BTW, where do you find Christian coloring books? Christian book sotre?

Heather @ Blessings Pour Out

Great idea. I am going to gather our books in one place and start doing this Monday. Now that two of my four Amigos are reading, they are going to love doing quiet time with Mommy.

I got the sweetest Bible Primer at the Antique Mall yesterday for three bucks. It is about eighty years old and absolutely precious in its content. My 8 yo is going to love reading it. My youngers can look at the picture Bibles, and maybe even the two year old will want to color a picture in one of the Bible coloring books (great ones at the Dollar Tree). Thanks for the inspiration!

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