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Zac Hicks

Hey there. Wendy turned me onto this after reading my blog post on Reformation Sunday (http://www.zachicks.com/blog/2009/10/22/reformation-sundaywishing-more-worship-leaders-were-equipped.html). It's encouraging to see this kind of thought going into family training, and these are some great ideas for me and my family. Thank you! I'm hopeful this Reformation Sunday will be a good one. Blessings!



Hi! I'm a friend of Amy McClean's. I love reading your blog. I've got lots of ideas for Christmas gifts now! And love all the stuff with your kids, my boy is 1 year, so when he gets a little older we're planning on doing some of these! Thanks for writing :)


Love this idea too! I'm pinning it...hope that is ok =)

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