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I just caught up on your blog..from the fathers day post. So glad to hear all of your words of contentment. That has been my prayer for you the last few weeks. That you would find contentment in motherhood and family life...that you would adjust to three with flying colors, that Matt would just have that "sense"....I am so proud of you and the mother you are..you are an inspiration to many. I LOVE being at home and right now...it is enough for me..and you, dear friend.

Trina Miller

This is amazing, I was just thinking that I wanted to find some of your camping recipes for our camping trip this weekend, and here was your post. Thank you!


Love your blog, I've pinned a bunch of stuff and I think viewed it all now! Stumbled upon it while searching for camp ideas for our big trip this summer, first time with three kids. Love you pie iron recipes, we love to use that when camping but only have a couple recipes we use. We love the cheese and sausage, but we add some scrambled egg to it too. But our favorite is making a cheese burger in one. Sometimes we just do meat and cheese and sometimes we add a slice of tomato and onion. They taste so different from a normal burger, they are great! Can't wait to try out some new recipes on our trip, thanks for sharing!

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