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So excited for you. Can't wait to see it in person.


Do the cabinets in the office/library go with the house?


congratulations on the house! and what neat story!


What a blessing!!! Congrats on your new home. I just did a post yesterday on our old home. How weird. ;)It's funny how homes hold a place in our hearts forever. No doubt, this one will for you too. You're such a talented decorator and I'm sure you've already got plans to "spruce it up". :) Have fun and God bless!!!


Congratulation!! What an amazing story of God's provision! I can see such fabulous elements in that house :) definetly lot's of "scope for the imagination".


I love your story! Enjoy your home.

Lauren M.

Love it! I've been visiting here for a while, but I've never posted. I just wanted to say thank you for telling the whole story. It's completely unrelated to what my family and I have been sorting through, but it was just what I needed to hear. Isn't it amazing how God delivers His message? Thanks again, and congratulations on your new home!


Janna, this story is so NEAT!! I love when the details come together in such a way that makes you KNOW that God is in control. Gave me goosebumps reading it. You have got your work cut out for you in that house (ha!), but man, I bet you are just in heaven dreaming about all the potential! What a fun place to be in to have the house and be able to truly make it yours, thinking of new ideas every day. I WILL come visit someday, just you watch! ;) If you're ever down in the Springs for something, you should definitely let me know--we're right off the interstate!

Randolph Coleson

Congrats! Here's to hoping that you've made things work to make that place better. After such a long journey of seeking a home, it's inevitable to get that urge to maximize the potentials, no?

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