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Dedra Herod

Janna - you are so sweet to update us. Several of us prayed over her sweet family tonight. Praying for them to be comforted and to be able to get rest which I know is difficult. will continue to pray over them... Much love - D

Marla Taviano

As I was driving home from my mom's tonight, I started thinking about each one of these precious people, and I just broke down. My heart aches, aches, aches for them. Praying for each one by name tonight. Thank you, Janna.


You can count on it!


Hi Janna,

I will be praying for Joanne's sweet family. I will continue to lift up Joanne in prayer! Thank you for the update.

Jennifer (blog friend from CA)

Lindsay DeYoung

Thanks for updating Janna...the Heim family is in my thoughts and prayers daily. I have been thinking of them very often throughout the day and I appreciate hearing new information for adjusting prayer requests. Thanks again, praying frequently.



Praying in Ohio... <3


I have been reading the blogs that have been on Marla's website. Although I have never met Marla, or anyone in this family, my heart is breaking for each and every one of the family members and friends involved here. From what I have read on Joanne's blog, she seems like an amazing lady. I hope and pray that the difficult time that each of you are having is some how eased by the presence of the Lord. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you struggle through this time. Thanks for posting, hopefully more prayers will help.

Melodee and John from Monument, CO

Thank you for posting these pictures and giving us the names of her closest family members. We will be lifting each one up to God by name and praying for peace and strength to get through these difficult days. They must be in such unbearable pain right now--God, I pray for Toben, Audrey, Emma, Chuck, Kay, and Kristen. May they feel Your presence right now in a tangible way. Strengthen and guide them and please help them to see improvements in Joanne's condition soon. We will keep praying.


I will exalt the name of the Lord, for He is wife me. I pray this prayer for Jo and her family. I'm amazed at how drawn in, spiritually, to this family. I pray for her all the time and I normally just pray for someone and move on but this family is different. Why, not sure but I believe God is working up a major testimony to be shared by this family and I can't wait to hear it. God is so amazing and so BIG. Bigger than any of our needs. Thank you for your update!


Praying in Madison AL

Keli Gwyn

Praying in Northern California.


Praying in Missouri. . . personally, as a family . . . lifting them all up! Thanks so much for this post. We will pray for them each by name to our God who hears and heals and LOVES. Blessings to you.


I have been praying for each one of them and you! Thanks for letting me know her parent's names so I can personalize them now. Praying in VA.


Janna, thank you so much for taking some of the burden of getting information out for the legions of prayer warriors. Praying for them all today.


Praying in South Carolina

Sharon Brumfield

Praying in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Tiffany Stuart

praying for family today


Praying in Indiana.


Praying in Mt. Holly, NC....

Sara G

Praying for all from Oklahoma City. May they have comfort in their "family time" today. Thank you Janna for your updates and all you have done. From Sara G, stroke survivor (11/25/09)


Praying in Flagstaff, Arizona.


I have committed my SSMT verse to Joanne:
Job 33:4 The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life. Also 1 John 4:19 We love Him because He first loved us.
These will be my prayers for her as I work on them for the next two weeks.
Thank you for the photos, helps to put faces to our prayers.

Kim Jamieson

Jana, our 14 yr old daughter reads your blog & told us about Joanne. Our hearts go out to her & her family & friends. We have an AWESOME GOD who sees, knows & cares.
Praying in British Columbia, CANADA.

Sheryl Dean

I am so praying for her and her family.



I don't know Joanne, but she is in my prayers throughout the day, everyday. I think of her sweet daughters often and her husband too. Thank you for introducing us to her parents and sister. They will be in my prayers as well. It is so nice to be able to see their sweet faces as I pray for each member of her family.

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