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Jennifer (Dingman) Lynch

Just gorgeous, Janna! Great job. Congrats and enjoy living in it!!

Katie S

Wow, wow and wow!!! Beautiful!!

Erin W.

Lovely! The red is beautiful!

yanna westmoreland

Beautiful! I love the happiness, and answered prayer, God bless their home.

Sharon O

wow... I would love that kind of room, it would be fun to cook in.


WOW WOW WOW, Janna! I mean, WOW!!!!! The before/after pictures are amazing. You guys had some serious vision. I love the tin backsplash, I LOVE the farm door, I love the desk, I love the baby in the highchair! You must be in heaven. I'm so happy for you!

Wonder Mom

Shazaam! After seeing the before pics, I can ONLY imagine how wonderful that new kitchen feels...

Brynn in CO

I love your new kitchen! I too live in a 1970
s Arvada home (different model--trilevel) and would LOVE to update my kitchen! I love looking at yours and dreaming about how I want mine! Well done Janna!


I love your kitchen! I am fairly new to your website but I really wanted to let you know I am enjoying it. I have been blessed by your writing. God's using it to help me get my heart focused on being a good Mom to my 6 y.o. son and 3 y.o. daughter! Thank you!




LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Great job!!!
What a difference! So bright.


Kermit Lukacs

I love your very spacious kitchen! I can't take my eyes off the tin backsplash. Did you have those custom-made?


tin backsplash is actually plastic. You can get sheets of it at Home Depot.

Robbie Marinero

Looks like you're ready for spring! Well, I honestly can't get enough of your kitchen. It looks homey and spacious. What inspired the design of your kitchen (which, by the way, looks fabulous)?

Terence Watthens

It seems that you did a major makeover on your kitchen. And it turned out great! I looked and read your previous post, and I can say that you did a pretty good job here! The new kitchen looks way much better than the previous design. The space looks wider and lighter. I like how the wood and the other elements are used. The combination is just fantastic! Even the use of the polka dot patterns on the cabinet works well with the design! Job well done!

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