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Looks like everyone had fun. I really like the red mushroom and bunny. I, too, thought red mushrooms were just drawings in books.


Thanks for sharing your list. I just started reading One Thousand Gifts and can't wait to really get into it. I will have to make a list too. I totally agree with #168!


Love your list! Next time I go camping I'll have to think of "warming rays of sunlight" rather than Dang, it's cold!

Erin W.

A red mushroom?! Wow! My kids found the neatest caterpillar today, but the mushroom tops that. Very fun!


You're welcome. :) Wish we could make some together! I haven't made any since going bonkers with everything before Christmas. Need to wait to mail the lip balm etc. until it cools off, or all you'll get is a blob. Will still try to send off the poppy seeds and other things soon. Just not keeping up on everything these days that isn't absolutely time sensitive. Sorry.

yanna westmoreland

Loved the post, and was thrilled to know there are really red mushrooms, I just know a fairy has stood under this one.

an fyi friends were told to purchase Avon's skin so soft bug spray before a trip to Africa by their guide. It is the best and eco friendly, might want to check into some.

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