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I'm trying to make better use of my kids' naptime. Today I did a little bit on the computer, then exercised! So glad I did...gotta find a way to fit it in. :-) I'm in the middle of a huge project right now, and spent two hours on the computer writing emails, editing photos, and getting things ready for the event. Gotta find a way to deal with the stress better, too.

Look forward to reading about your projects!

Elisa Beene

Love to hear more about those prayer cards for the kids, it sounds great!

Tasha Fontenot

When my boys were still taking naps I would nap also. I had too!! Plus I just love naps. I long for the boys to take a nap these days, but unless they are sick it never happens. I do still get my naps though. They are very good about letting me rest. Can't wait to hear more about the prayer cards!

Wonder Mom

Nap time? What is this NAP TIME you speak of? ;0)


I occasionally take a nap when my daughter naps, but it's hard to choose that option because it's the only chunk of uninterrupted time that I have during the day. I often read a book/magazine, catch up on household chores, cook, check email and read blogs.

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