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My favorite gift would most likely be in 2006 after we had lost my husband very suddenly to a massive heart attack. My daughter took the pictures we had collected
over the years and made a beautiful photo collage of his life. I still look at it and relive some of the memories as I walk by it in the hallway.


I can't really think of a favorite "gift." But, a few years ago my husband and I decided that instead of running to this place and that on Christmas day, we would keep all of our children snuggled up together and enjoy the day together! Being at home (5 of our 7 children are under), has taken the pressure off :)

Paula Hemann

What a beautiful book! And I enjoy your blog so much, Janna. One of my very favorite Christmas gifts was one I received the year my son was born. My sister-in-law took one of our favorite pictures of our son as he was sleeping, and had the photo mounted in sepia tones to the top of a photo-keeper box. It was stunningly beautiful! Also, our family has a tradition each year of writing out our "birthday gifts for Jesus" on scrolls of parchment and placing them in the manger on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Day we have birthday cake and candles--and crosses also decorate our home at Christmas, to remind us that the babe in the manger came to die for the sins of the people. Merry Christmas!


The best gift I ever got was a recipe book from my mother that each of my grandparents had handwritten favorite family recipes in.

Michelle Davis

My favorite gift was an iPad. But what I want to give Jesus this year is my time as well. I also plan on being a Santa to a senior and give of my time to them

Angie H

My favorite gift was my smart phone helps me keep in touch with my loved ones... I want to give Jesus more praise and thank you's...


My favorite gift I've received is the gift of spending the holidays at home..making the decision not to travel out of state to family. My gift is also more time :) I love Sacred Space devotionals for advent & lent, and I'm thinking for trying theirs for the whole year for 2013. Merry Christmas Janna!

Emma Murphy

My favorite gift is a gift my kids (now teens to adults) gave me a few years ago. I've told them I'd prefer donations to good causes rather than "things", so that year they donated money to Heifer International for flocks of chickens, a goat, trees, and honey bees for families in needy parts of the world. When I opened my gifts from them I found a little plastic goat, honey bee, some tiny model train type trees, and a bunch of tiny plastic chickens... each of them representing a donation my kids had made for my gift.

The devotional looks wonderful... I love my morning bible and devotional reading time.


My favorite gift was a new camera, which I love to use. I'm with you, though, definitely giving God more of my time.:)


My favorite gift was on December 29, 1992 a red headed baby boy.


My favorite gift was a voice recorder from my husband. He is not a gift person (doesn't like to receive or give them), but he thought of this gift all on his own and I was so touched. I dream a lot and he said I could use it to record my dreams each morning.

Sara B.

I think my favorite gift was a gift certificate for a massage that my hubby gave me. It was the year that we had our first baby and it was very special, being a new mom. I think I need that again now that we have four kids! I definitely need and want to give Jesus more of my time!

Lisa adams

My favorite gift is quality time with the people I love and unhurried devotional time, preferably in silence.

Jenn P.

My favorite gift would be my engagement ring my husband gave me eight years ago (along with the song he wrote to propose). Being married has been one of the greatest blessings and one of the hardest journeys in my life, but most importantly, it has opened my eyes to how much I desperately need my Savior and how great His love is.

Lynn H

My favorite gift was given to my husband and I by our daughters and my mom. It was a weekend away to Lancaster Pa to stay at a B&B and go see a show at the Sight and Sound Theater. It was the "Story of Christmas", telling the birth of Jesus. I had started giving Jesus my gift of time a couple of months ago when I made the vow to start each day with devotions with my daughter whom I started homeschooling this year.I finished one devotional book and am looking for a new one to start. The Quiet Place looks like a wonderful book!


My favorite gift was a big floor pillow that my husband sewed on the sewing machine all by himself the first year we were married. The funny thing about the gift was that I made him one for that Christmas also. So when we opened our gifts that morning there were to giant floor pillows for our little 3 room apartment.

Jenyfer Kersey

I'd have to say that I have many favorites, but they are all so special and meaningful gifts. I love a heartfelt gift. A letter from my mom, special antique green glass I've been hunting for, a thoughtful little treasure. The Quiet Place looks like a very special book indeed!


Oh so many great gifts, but one that stands out was a BIG book, A Treasury of Great Poems.
That quiet time with my Lord is a must for me too! It sets the tone for my day and I have not been doing too well in that area lately. Looks like a great devotional.


I love the idea of giving a gift to Jesus for Christmas. What a great faith builder for adults and children!

Pam Houston

My Christmas gift to Jesus this year was giving Jesus an afternoon of my time to work in packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child at the Western Distribution Center for Samaritans Purse. 800,000 Christmas Boxes were checked, packed up, and prayed over for children overseas to hear the message of the gospel. It was sheer joy! What to my amazement happened was, when I finished my shift, I realized my gold rope chain bracelet had fallen off my wrist and undoubtedly into one of the boxes I had worked...I checked my whole work area and it was nowhere to be found! So a child somewhere in the world received an unexpected golden gift from Jesus! JOY!

Heather @ Cultivated Lives

My most favorite gift as an adult is my camera! :) What we've felt led is to love and serve others. I tend to get wrapped up in my to-do lists and such. It has been so wonderful to be more mission minded over recent weeks as I look to love people as if they were Jesus (Mt 25).


Several years ago, I lost the diamond in my wedding band. I was so bummed. Last year my dear husband replaced it for me!! Love him so much.


It's really hard to have one single favorite Christmas gift! I'll go with skis, boots, poles and a ski outfit when I was 14 from my Dad. He didn't live near us, but knew we wanted to start skiing. Mom took us almost every weekend until I moved away. It's been a gift that opened a love for skiing in my heart and I am ever thankful.
My gift for Jesus this year is to bake him a cake. I have never done that before, but with C at 2.5, he is really relating to it being Jesus' birthday! We will have a chocolate cake and candles! Wait. How many candles go on Jesus' cake???

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