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A mess in such a pretty dress. Get the Ocy-clean out, Mom.

Kimberly R.

We've never met, but I came across your blog years ago from a link on Joanne's blog (someone else I've never met but whose blog I enjoy reading). I've loved reading your blog and following your family adventures; you truly inspire me and regularly make me smile. So your journey with depression saddens me. Please know that a stranger in CA is praying for you and sending you uplifting, healing thoughts and hugs.

Laura S.

I have missed your posts - you have been on my mind. I was so glad to see Mustard Seeds in my inbox this morning! Just a thought about you sharing about your depression - God uses all things for good and as you feel led by Him to share, you just never know who you could be helping. Depression is such an isolating experience - there could be someone in the pit of it right now that could benefit from hearing about your experience and glean some hope in their lives. Praying for you!

Wonder Mom

I missed your posts, but if you only were able to post about Beth's messes, I would be quite content until the end of time... ;0)


I've missed you too. Hmmm...I think as bloggers we think we should share reasons for our silences cuz we feel we owe to our followers or it "might help someone"...and that's totally cool if you feel called to help others or need the cathartic release the creative writing process gives...but please feel loved regardless of what you choose to share or NOT share. Sometimes life is...well, personal. I find myself sharing less and less often. And it's better that way...for me. Hugs and Prayers!!


I found your blog through Joanne's. I check every day or two. I'm struggling with depression right now & have been for some time. Only recently identified as such. I'd appreciate any insight you might offer & prayers. I'll pray for you, too.

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