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Paula R.

Um.... Love.love.love these bags. Seriously cute. Did I actually spy some Roy and Dale fabric? Swoon! Unbelievable that you found that. I hope that Jack appreciates the nostalgia from his gift bag. I love that snow globe fabric. I think I'd be a seasonal fabric hoarder If I sewed. "Oh... i do sew, actually.". But For now I'm just a seasonal beverage tumbler hoarder and a seasonal coffee mug hoarder. At least that's what I discovered after packing up my kitchen. I love this creative use for fabric!


I really need to do this. It would make wrapping so much easier. Maybe I should sew the bags throughout the year. Then I would be ready for Christmas.


Oh my goodness! Where did you find the Roy Rogers fabric? I have a 6-year-old who would be beside himself for that! We actually saw Roy Rogers, Jr. perform in Branson this fall. :)

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